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This is an excellent article. Ive been a faculty member at MUN since 1995. It’s clear that our President and the Sr Admin that she has surrounded herself with are making some very poor decisions. The current set of issues surrounding the President and her ancestry is just the latest in a series of missteps. She should never have been appointed in the first place. The real problem is the lack of understanding of academic norms in either the board of regents or the provincial government. Things have been going downhill since the Eddy Campbell affair. After that shemozzel we’ve never had any credible applications for sr positions. And we had to pay a huge salary just to get anyone. Memorial has some massive problems, starting with leadership, but including a massive financial hole, and a demographic situation that is just awful. The current administration is ignoring all that and focusing solely on getting bums in seats (mostly international) by lowering standards. The train wreck is happening. Add indigenous issues to this and you get the Monty Python script that we are watching unfold.

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