Sep 25, 2023Liked by Edward Hollett

Some good observations on labour markets and also some on the state of health care. Many people, especially seniors, do not have access to care on an ongoing basis. Even when some form of care is “provided” it is often in a form which is convenient to the system but not to the reality of their lives. I am thinking here of seniors living alone. They may not have children or the children are scattered elsewhere. Home care for these folks ? In many rural communities it’s seniors taking care of seniors. With an aging society, how long can that keep going on?

As for the picture, good observation. Pat, in particular, does not look like mister sunshine. “Beam me out, Scotty.”

A major issue that I have with the entire discussion on health in NL is the focus on care and the narrower focus on the caring process and the associated inputs. How many doctors are there? How many beds are there ? I hear you and these inputs are necessary for care but the end focus should be on outcomes and the improvements to the state of health wellness of people within the province. Sister Elizabeth gets this more than others but she should focus on obtaining metrics on the determinants on health. Scientific evidence is needed.

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